Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crocodiles in Darwin

Took my camera to the Jumping Crocs Tour in Darwin which is about 70km out of Darwin on the way to Kakadu, but it was an adventure for the whole day. Firstly we went on the boat and saw about 5 crocs and a few others that didn't come over for a feed and we saw them feed the Kites, and when word got out that food was around, the number of kites kept growing.

As far as the photography went as the tour was late afternoon with a ton of dark stormy cloud, I just kept upping the ISO and the shutter speed.

Highlights of the day:-
- The big older croc who was HUGE (named Michael)
- The sound of the crocs jaws slamming shut on a piece of buffalo……Seriously LOUD
- Getting to hold a python
- Getting caught in torrential rain (This is THE TERRITORY), on the way home……in a car people had loaned us……I wasn't driving but it was scary.

Here are my favourite croc pics from the day

ME and the python

Ready for my closeup

Cant reach

Just playing with my food

Jumping Crocs

Nice Teeth!

Side of the river and you can see where the crocs live

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jewels from the hard drive - Port Adelaide

Jewels from the hard drive - hardly romantic. But as I am planning a trip to Darwin, one of those trips where you have a billion things to do and only 5 weeks to do it and in 4 of those weeks I am working / doing placement at the Royal Darwin Hospital. I was looking at space on my hard drive and I found some pics I hadn't really looked at much taken in Port Adelaide in january. I love Port Adelaide as it is so interesting. Personally I love old architecture and by old I mean interesting. Houses falling down, rusty rooftops and lots of bricks. We had a night prowling the adelaide roads at Port Adelaide, my friend Di and some of her friends and right now their names escape me but it was a great night and I look forward to some more Photo prowling next Jan.

These were some of my faves…..some were long exposure and you can tell by the clouds that the exposures were LOOOOOONNNG….

The images all came up great in black and white although the red boat and the blue sky were a fantastic contrast and just increased the saturation a bit to get a strong image. The final image is a 30 send exposure. It was a bit windy so I had to stand where the camera would not move from the wind, form a wind break effectively……the clouds move so much more with the longer exposures.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Port Pirie - From the highway

I got to visit my parents in Port Pirie last week. Now for those that don't know where Port Pirie is, it is about 290km away from Adelaide by road and is actually the sixth most populous city in South Australia, following Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Murray Bridge and Port Lincoln. BUT you have to venture from the highway about 6km into town. These pics are taken from the highway, at the "one-horse town" caravan park where my parents live. In the distance there were bush fires burning in the gorge and during the night the roar of road trains on their way West made the park seem like it was in the middle of nowhere….IT WAS. (If you click on any picture, you see it bigger).

The road trains were roaring past the caravan park

Road to ???
Looking across the pipeline toward the gorge

Everything was old and dry

Different times of morning and evening gave different light on the grasses

The morning sun peeking through the trees in the caravan park
It is funny how nature has all this grass growing in lines

The fire in the gorge

Dry land in the morning sun

The flour mill in Port Pirie in the distance……the town 

Just so dry

This old cart had seen better days
The back of the park in the distance with the bush fires

The family

My parents home

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A different project - Cemeteries

Sale Camera Club are having a competition in February for cemetery photographs, and that means photographs that convey the meaning of cemetery to you.

Being on the way to Adelaide I used the stopover to wander around local Wimmera Cemeteries as they Beaufort Cemetery and Horsham Cemetery are full of history in great locations well representing the area. I went to Horsham in the late afternoon and then again at 6am the following morning, after all photography is about the light…………..

These are a group of pictures I took, that I believe demonstrate different photographic techniques/thoughts and ideas about cemeteries, they are a place of solitude and a place where you can sit and think.  On looking at the set, I really got a documentary feel from them, which I am very proud of as both of the cemeteries I went to are well kept places of great history and so interesting.

Good Clouds and colours 

There were four very old graves in Horsham all enclosed by this fence

Angels always interesting

Even the way the cemetery is organised is interesting

Use depth of field to your advantage

Fields of the Wimmera

A lone headstone

A family site

Evening light was beautiful

Different viewpoints

Lots of stone and fences

Three interesting shaped headstones

Part of a wreath - The bonds of family

The afternoon sky and the Wimmera

An interesting family section, where metal nameplates were all that showed where the family rest

Depth of field

Use lots of contrast, it conveys the true age of the stone.


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